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Buy vs. Build: Why Customers Should Consider a Third Party Data Management Solution?

Introduction “Without data you’re blind and deaf in the middle of the freeway” - Geoffrey Moore Well, that paints the exact picture of a potentially fatal disaster! However, even with access to clean and timely data, you’re not completely in the safe zone. The real lifesavers are the tools that allow you to harness the actual information ...
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Systems Integration: Process and Data Continuity Through Centralization

Introduction The only thing certain in the world of technology is new technologies. Unfortunately, a blank slate does not greet any newly acquired technology. It enters into a complex ecosystem of pre-existing technologies, many of which were not designed to be inter-compatible. There are two major challenges to systems integration, first, how do different business ...
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Curve Manager Use Case: Independent Price Verification and Regulatory Reporting

ZEMA lets clients automate both their independent price verification processes and report generation to regulators. This is done via ZEMA’s automated process and workflow engine Curve Manager. Essentially, an IPV automated process, developed for clients by ZE’s Business Solutions team, allows for the comparison of trader’s marks to external market prices. Traders marks are captured, ...
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Challenges of Data and Analytics Management – Making Data Work

Across many industry sectors, Data and Analytics are helping organizations become smarter, increase productivity, and be better at making informed decisions and predictions. Having the right data and analytics reporting will define the difference between the losers and winners in the battle of data utilization. Here are the top 9 data and analytics challenges you need ...
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Data-Driven Decision-Making: Minimizing Risk through Automation

The Information Technology landscape has been transformative for many industries for the past five years, especially for the finance and commodity markets. For the Insurance and Reinsurance industry, IT infrastructure and data-driven decision-making tools need to catch up. Multiple factors, such as a rapidly expanding data universe, cloud, and distributed technologies, and highly granular and ...
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Are you Ready to Speculate on Data Reporting Obligations?

Historic debacles and indistinct nature of OTC market functioning have been the driving force behind enactments such as Dodd-Frank Act. Therefore, compliance and regulations have become an inseparable part of the commodity and energy markets. The aforesaid legislation imparted the most needed transparency in the financial trading spectrum and has now become an intrinsic element ...
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