In this month’s issue, Olga Gorstenko’s editorial letter continues discussion of the North American LNG race. The two recent projects on the North Pacific shore have been covered in light of demand from the Asia Pacific region and global LNG supply. Vera Tikhomolova also discusses geopolitical and market trends affecting the global supply of natural gas in general and LNG in particular in this month’s In Depth article. Numerous short articles provide updates on Thomson Reuters’ acquisition of the UBS Convertible Indices, the NOAA’s PORTS data system for maritime shipping, and more.

More News This Month

- Platts Introduces Turkish Monthly Power Assessments
- WattEx Launched on New NGX TradePath Platform
- NGX Expands Product Offering in ERCOT Market
- Platts to Publish Russia Jet Fuel Export Duty
- Platts Removes Japan Domestic Polymers Assessments
- New Argus Brent 901 Index
- Argus Introduces New European Natural Gas Series
- Platts Adds Daily Coal Switching Price Indicator for the Netherlands and UK
- Platts to Launch CIF NWE Industrial Wood Pellet Assessment
- LBMA Silver Price Solution to Be Determined by CME Group and Thomson Reuters
- Thomson Reuters Provides Currency Benchmark for Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia
- Markit to Launch Electronic Service for FX Options
- TOCOM Deemed a Recognized Market Operator by Monetary Authority of Singapore
- Bloomberg Takes Control of Dow-Jones UBS Commodity Index
- Bloomberg Vault Introduces File Analytics Product

Datawatch July 2014