Recently, my attention has been drawn to California. Yet again, this Western state is pushing the boundaries of conventional views and stale ideas. This particular development has been somewhat expected since the early days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governing of California and his solid determination to terminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. He turned the Golden State into a flagship fighting against global climate changes, which started the rising wave of green energy and emission reduction. This wave spilled over into its neighboring states and spread throughout the whole nation. In some states, it solidified and enhanced already existing trends; in others, it spawned completely new programs and undertakings.

More News This Month

- Genscape Launches Canadian Oil Chain Monitoring Service
- BM&FBOVESPA Launches Mini Crude Oil Derivatives
- Argus to End DHPA Data Module
- Platts to Publish New Dated Brent Differential
- CME Adds 1000-oz Silver Futures
- NCDEX Postpones Launch of Maize Contract
- USDA, Colorado State University Release Carbon-Counting Soil Tool
- EEX to Become Permanent German Auction Platform
- ICIS Acquires Carbon Market Specialist
- AccuWeather First User of Chinese Location-Based Service
- BPA Builds New Wind Forecast

DataWatch July 2013